What Do Trans Women Talk About When We Get Together?


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I am sure that no one will be interested in this. Jenny Boylan, who has experienced sex both with male and female anatomy, weights in on the differences. 
By the way, due to privacy issues, I will never discuss specific things I have heard in support groups for transgender women, but it is worth noting that as a conversational topic bedroom sex doesn’t come up much, at least not in the groups I’ve been involved with. It isn’t unusual to have a two-hour meeting with lots of lively discussion among fifteen or twenty trans women where that topic never gets raised at all. Mostly we talk about our difficulties in our personal relationships and how we feel about things. Sex-obsessed Christians please take note.
 “There are big differences in male and female orgasm, though: female orgasm is longer — over 20 seconds, on average, compared to three to 10 seconds for men. And men have more orgasms — reaching climax in 95 percent of their encounters, compared to 69 percent for women. Another major factor, when it comes to the measure of pleasure, is the type of sex that’s being had: straight men and gay men, for instance, have about the same number of orgasms. Lesbians, meanwhile, have about 20 percent more than straight women — perhaps because lesbian sex tends to go on longer (30 to 45 minutes for the average lesbian couple, compared to 15 to 30 minutes for straight ones).
As for me, I have almost 20 years of female orgasm under my belt now (since transition), and before that I had an equal number of years of having male ones. Without going into detail, I can attest that the experiences are distinct. Sometimes I think of it as the difference between Spanish and Italian. Sure, they’re similar. But jeez, che differenza!”