Why Transgender Americans Fear Mike Pompeo Running the State Department


For many transgender Americans  our passports are our only universally accepted form of ID that correctly shows our gender. (In many states the game is rigged so that we can’t get our driver’s licenses fixed.)
I had to jump through hoops to get my passport to reflect who I really am and how I present myself to the world–certified copies of my legal name change with a ton of other ID, a bunch of complicated forms, an interview with the passport guy at the post office that required me to out myself while standing there at the counter in a crowded public space (you never know who might be listening!) and a letter from my doctor on her office letterhead that had to be carefully crafted using very specific language that stated that I was undergoing medical transition for life-long gender dysphoria–but it was certainly doable. (God bless you, Hilary Clinton!)
Mike Pompeo’s earlier political career in Congress was partly funded by the Family Research Council, a Christian organization that is rabidly transphobic–its leaders are now frequent visitors to the White House– and whose founder James Dobson once made it clear to his followers that they ought to shoot trans women like me.