First Time Swimming as Me!

june 20 18 destio

Yes, that is my desk, and, yes, it is a bit random and whimsical–like me!

I had not been swimming in years. Many reasons for that, but partly it was that after I went full time I felt I needed to wait until I had what I needed to fill in those cups in the suit tops.

I’m there. I’ve been there for ages–It’s been years since I could jog without an exercise bra and every cubic centimeter of that tissue is due to hormones–but I had gotten so out of the habit of swimming that I never thought about it. Then a few days ago, a friend was telling me how much she enjoys swimming, so I took the plunge!

I picked a two-piece suit with a skirt that worked well. I pinned up my hair–it falls to a few inches below my shoulders–and went for it.

It was fun! I plan to do that again!

So, yes, there may be trans women in your apartment swimming pool!