shive dual gender

The image is that of Shiva in a dual-gender aspect.

This post is a reaction to the fundamentalists who run Texas who are again going after queer and trans people.

This hatred is being driven largely by the Christian obsessive need to micro-manage the lives of others, particularly in the areas of sexuality and gender. There is a lot to unpack here, but I will stick to one point: the idea that transgender people are unnatural.

Take a good look at the steadily growing body of evidence that we come out of the box with our brains wired to be trans, which looks pretty natural to me. Consider that there are clear descriptions of trans women in 2,500 year old Hindu texts, and that societies all over the planet that had no contact with each other were aware of us. That there are even major deities that have shifted gender.

We show up all the time in families where no one ever talks about anything even remotely related to trans issues, and even in subcultures that have completely cut themselves off from exposure to any kind of mass media (Hasidic Jewish communities, for example) where the subject might come up.

Meanwhile, our Southern Baptist friends in Texas must go to a great deal of trouble to systematically indoctrinate their children in their faith. If everyone stopped training children in Christianity, the faith would be extinct in a couple of generations because no kid spontaneously becomes Christian in the way that some children are just trans because they were born that way.

So which do you think is more natural, trans people or Christianity?





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