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I have been trying to get a mammogram set up for months. My old primary care provider would sort of shrug off referring me for one when I brought it up. I don’t think she really wanted to address my health concerns. I finally changed to a different provider who agreed that, yes, a mammogram to check out my B+ cup breasts would be a prudent thing to do. and unlike my old provider was proactive in other health areas as well.

A friend of mine, a trans guy who was assigned female at birth, gave me a quick run-though on how to prepare for a mammogram: no deodorant, no creams or powders or anything at all on the breasts, wear a two-piece outfit that permits getting out of the top and bra quickly, etc.

I should explain that these days I almost always get read as a cisgender female, which is what happened at the breast imaging place.  I was taken to a changing room where I wiped my beasts and underarms with a damp cleaning tissue and got into a pink gown that opened at the front. Despite all the horror stories about mammograms,  I have had far more unpleasant medical tests. The technician was very nice.

After the mammogram, I was told to go back to the changing room because someone would come for me to do bone density tests. Older trans women have many of the same medical risks that older cisgender women have, including osteoporosis, so my wonderful new primary care provider though we ought to check that out as well.

A second technician appeared, another pleasant woman, who took me to a room where a different machine waited for me. She started running through a series of health questions and came to one about my monthly cycles.

I told her that I was transgender. She and her smile froze for several seconds. I think she was experiencing cognitive dissonance between what I had just told her and the quite femme woman I really am.

I think she may have wondered whether I was kidding. I do not look like nor do I behave like the stereotype that many cis people have about trans women: according to bigots we resemble some cisgender guy on Halloween clomping around in bad drag.

Then we both laughed. I suggested that she just put down that I am not currently having periods. Once she got over the mild jolt, she was very nice.

It was a very good morning!



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