blue bmw sedan near green lawn grass
Photo by Mikes Photos on 


Today was the first time I ever went car shopping as a woman!

Prior to transition I generally got read as an effeminate gay male. Since I honestly don’t know much about cars (zero interest, now or ever in the past), when car people realized that I had no idea what they were talking about a sort of not-quite-eye-rolling-at-the-faggot sort of crept in.

Walking in to car dealers today as a sort of genuinely bewildered older woman tightly gripping a copy of the Consumer Report issue on cars a friend loaned me, they quickly realized I was clueless, but were nice enough to treat me like their befuddled aunt who needed things carefully explained to her.

On balance, I think I prefer a little sexism and ageism to homophobia! At no point did I sense any thinly veiled hostility or wanting to hurt me, which I used to pick up on occasionally in testosterone-laden automotive environments.


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