In New Hampshire, the key was getting cisgender people to understand that they run into us all the time (we are probably at least one person in 200) and that we are just people trying to live our lives in peace. Just like them, we have hopes and fears and dreams and hearts that can love and that can be broken.

The faith-based conservatives (unfortunately, that’s probably 90% of organized religion in America) know that they lost in their long war to destroy the lives of cisgender gay and bi men and lesbians–except for older adults and younger Bible thumpers, most straight folks really don’t care anymore about whether co-workers or neighbors are LGB– but they are working hard to promote hatred and violence against transgender people while what most of the straight general public thinks it knows about us is mostly misconceptions rooted in slander and seriously stupid “entertainment” written by clueless cisgender writers and performed by clueless cisgender actors.

While I certainly don’t walk around starting conversations with, “Hi, I’m trans!” I don’t hide it either unless I view the situation as dangerous.


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