I wince when I realize that many millions of cisgender people think that Caitlyn Jenner is a spokesperson for my community.

If anyone doubts that having a celebrity-dominated society results in an appalling dumbing-down of how we treat important matters, I might offer that as exhibit B, exhibit A being the current resident of the White House.

However, I am chilled to my core when I realize that millions of cisgender people think they have the right to question whether I should be permitted to exist.

I am not a sample of the smallpox virus in a lab freezer somewhere. I am an utterly harmless older woman who likes music and art museums.

This piece by Jenny Boylan, as usual, is excellent.  This is the sort of spokesperson that I want!

“I don’t know whether I have ever spoken or written a word about my identity that has had half the effect of simply living my life publicly and without shame. At long last, I have landed on a new strategy for refuting the ideas of people who think I don’t exist.

I refute them by existing.”


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