The more gender non-conforming you are (assigned-female-at-birth displaying masculine traits or assigned-male-at-birth displaying feminine traits) you are in school the greater your odds of being harassed, ostracized, bullied, cyber-stalked, or assaulted.
In other news, water is wet.
I was never cyber-stalked only because the technology hadn’t been invented yet, but all the rest happened to me. I was terrified out of my mind most of the time as a teen trans girl below the male facade I was desperately trying–and mostly failing–to project.
Too much of who I really was and am kept leaking through my filters.
Decades later, after a lot of therapy, the nightmares finally stopped. I continue to have issues with anxiety as a long-term consequence of all that bullying. Working on that.
Today I get to live full-time as who I am. I survived those cockroaches. I win!

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