april 7 2018 shoes

I am in the process of getting dressed for being taken out to someplace fancy. The picture is of my semi-dressy and dress shoes. (I have other shoes, but they are too casual for where we are going. The average American woman owns 17 pairs of shoes, in case anyone is interested.)
Just before going on hormones, I wore a size 10 in women’s shoes. I measured myself at the shoe store today. I am almost down to an 8 1/2!
It’s the generalized loss of muscle mass. I know someone who lost three sizes, but she used to be, as she puts is, a “gym rat” who lifted weights.
If I am very careful, I can manage to not step out of the 9 1/2 shoes, but there is a decided gap at the rear. The size 10’s fall off my feet.
The size 9’s are a decent fit. Those are two fairly recent purchases on the left.
I have had people refuse to believe this sometimes happens. Trust me, it is, as the kids say, a thing.
And, by the way, I am grateful and thrilled that this is happening!! I am a very lucky women.

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