Amie Tyrae 28

Her name was Amia Tyrae. She was 28 and was killed by someone with a gun.

The official numbers on the murder rate are an under count because it is actually unusual for police or local press to report the crime as the murder of a trans person even when it was someone living openly as themselves. Those tracking murders of trans folk miss most of them.

“Statistics on homicides of transgender people are difficult to compile and are not officially available because the federal government does not collect data based on gender identity. In addition, transgender homicide victims are often identified by the police using the names and genders they were assigned at birth, a practice known as misgendering.

Advocates emphasize that their tallies just include the victims they know about.

“It is impossible to have a complete and accurate number,” MJ Okma, an associate director at GLAAD, said.

Transgender people frequently face economic hardships, discrimination in housing and hiring, and high rates of homelessness, Mr. Okma said, all factors that can contribute to systematic violence. “That becomes the greater context,” he said.



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