1888 military parade phoenix arizona

This does not affect me directly, but since it could hurt some of my friends whom I care about, this makes me angry!

Basically the latest version of Trump and his faith-based friends going after transgender folks in the military is to want to deny them trans-related medical care and to force them to serve as the gender they were misidentified as being at birth.

This is clearly intended to force transgender folks to exit the military.

As bad as this is, this isn’t just about active duty service members. This could have knock-on effects on the hiring practices of military contractors and such things as the health care and other benefits being received by transgender veterans at the VA.

Because most transgender women go through a long period of desperately trying to be men and some overcompensate through signing up for macho military services–I have met some quite femme trans women who were once Marines and fighter pilots–trans women have twice the rate of having been in the military of the cisgender male population.

Trump is pandering to a foundational part of base: evangelical Christians, who along with neo-Nazis and Klansmen have been his most reliable supporters.

God, I wish I could ignore politics, but it’s a little hard to do that when powerful political actors really are out to get you!


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