For any fans of Pope Francis out there, yes, I know he has said some sensible things about human-driven climate change, etc,, but he and his church take a very hard-line position of being opposed to the well-being of transgender people.

Despite a steadily growing body of evidence that our brains come wired in ways that look a lot more like the brains of the gender we know ourselves to be behind our eyes than the gender we got stuck with at birth and that transition makes it possible for us to live much happier lives, he and his friends are fighting tooth and nail against even modest efforts to let us live as ourselves. Since they explicitly deny the possibility that one can be “born in the wrong body” they deny that we even exist.

I know a trans woman from a Catholic family some of whose members work for the diocese. Her relatives have been instructed that even such accommodations as being polite and sensitive to her feelings–being misgendered hurts deeply in ways I cannot explain to my cisgender friends–by addressing her by her preferred name or using feminine pronouns are serious sins.

This is from a church that never got around to excommunicating Adolph Hitler and generations later still won’t let outside historians see the massive documentation it has behind lock and key on its dealings with him and his regime. I suppose what Hitler did weren’t serious sins such as being kind to a transgender person.!topic/transgender-news/Ekx7j9-Vcw8


3 thoughts on “It’s Not Just the Southern Baptists

  1. Your post is profound! I want to share a personal feeling. i have known that i was trans when i was 5 before i even knew that i wasn’t the only one like me. For years i have hated me, run from me,even denied me but it simply won’t go away. No one would choose the pain that we experience by choice. If that is the case why are we punished and persecuted for what is beyond our control………………..this comment is soo hard to write.


    1. I think I was either three or four years old when I realized that I was female. If my “I’m a girl!” moment isn’t my very oldest memory it perhaps number two. That foundational experience of who I am behind my eyes–female–has always, always been there. I am one of the peer facilitators (I am not a psychologist nor do I play one on television!) for an organization where I live that runs support groups for transgender people.

      I have heard stories just like yours over and over and over from trans people who eventually become so desperate to find someone who will believe them when they reveal who they really are that they work up the courage to come to one of our meetings and bare their souls to a room full of strangers. It’s my story, too

      Of course your post was so hard to write! Being hated so much for being yourself does terrible things to you. Those who casually reject and even ridicule us for daring to reveal our most profound experience of who we are display a level of cruelty beyond my comprehension.

      Georgiakevin, you don’t have to hate yourself because there is nothing wrong with you. Nothing!

      Being transgender is simply one more variation in the myriad of ways there are to be human. It happens that it is wired into our brains before we are even born. If our society and most of the religions we have inherited didn’t cause us all sorts of grief because we don’t fit into their ridiculously simplistic ideas about the vastly complex subject of gender, being trans would be no more of a big deal than being left handed or allergic to peas.

      In the meantime, try to love and care for yourself. Connecting with others who understand you because they are like you can help enormously. I have been living full-time as myself for a few years now. Transition wasn’t easy, nor has my new life been free of trouble, far from it, but even at its worst–the first two months of 2018 seriously sucked–my new authentic life brings me more joy every day than living a lie ever did. My found family is vastly superior in many ways to my biological one.

      If you need or would like to communicate further, WordPress included what it says is your email in the message it sent me about your comment. I will not email you without invitation, period, but if you would like more communication in private, just say so here.

      I am also on Facebook under an alias, which might be easier for both of us to set up if you are there or want to set up an account. We could private message. As I was reminded recently by the murder of a local trans woman, there are people who want to hurt us, so we need to take security seriously. You don’t have to respond at all if you like, anything is fine, but if you like to communicate in private just add a little comment to that effect in this thread. I try to get online and check this site for at least a few minutes every day.

      A huge hug!

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