A transgender woman went to a prison to visit her incarcerated brother. She had visited him before without incident.  She had been on the prison’s “approved visitor list” for fourteen years.

However, the prison had new, airport-style scanning gear that outed her as transgender.

She admitted that, yes,  she was transgender and provided identification that showed that she had been assigned male at birth. The “anomaly” the new machine had detected was explained. That should have been the end of the matter.

It wasn’t.

She was taken by two guards to a men’s room and ordered to remove her pants and underwear. She refused and said that rather than comply she would not visit her brother.

Nine officers and a supervisor took this unarmed woman to her car where her mother and another brother were waiting and insisted on searching the vehicle

They said that would not let her leave until the possee they had assembled had gawked at her genitals.

The harassment and the demands that she display her genitals in front of a bunch of  guys stopped only after her other brother began to video the encounter.

Someone please try to tell me with a straight face that this was anything but a bunch of cisgender men seizing an opportunity to ridicule and hurt and humiliate a transgender woman. I want to watch your facial contortions.

If you are not outraged, I hope that neither I nor my sisters ever have the misfortune to meet you. I’m not sure I would want you around children or pets, either.

I know trans women who trust only other LGBTQ folk. I met one who trusts only other trans women.

I am not there. I have received too much kindness from my cisgender friends to give up on the minority among the cisgender population who treat us like human beings.

But I can see the road that leads there.






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