The transgender community where I live will soon be holding a candlelit vigil for two transgender women who were murdered. I plan to attend. I hope it is as respectful and dignified as they deserve.

I hope I can get through it without sobbing.

It is a terrifying thing to know that people like you are frequently murdered in this country (the official numbers are an under count by a couple of orders of magnitude), and that the killers almost always get away with it.

The police simply don’t work very hard when the murder victim is a trans woman. They often think we had it coming. Even when we call the police because we have been the victim of a crime, we run a risk of being assaulted by the officers who are supposed to be there to protect us.

On a happier note, a dear friend of mine who lost her job for the crime of coming out as transgender has finally found a lawyer willing to take her case.  After she came out she experienced relentless harassment, ostracism, and even threats on the job.

They eventually fired her after they failed to drive her away.

She has been seeking an attorney for months, but discovered that straight attorneys shy away from taking on transgender women as clients, even in what seems to me, as a lay person, to be a clear-cut violation of our state’s legal protections for transgender people.

Her new attorney sees it that way as well.

But having rights doesn’t mean much if you lack the means to use them.

Her attorney is an openly gay man, who is making a conscious effort to aid the LGBTQ community.  Bless him!

She is primarily interested in hurting the company badly enough that the people running it will think twice before they put someone else through the hell she went through.

Having seem what my friend went through merely trying to find an attorney willing to take her on as a client, I think if I were younger I would seriously consider going to law school so I could represent transgender people in the legal system.

It doesn’t look as if we can trust straight people to do it.





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