1655 massacre Waldenses

A group of religious leaders–Presbyterian, Greek Orthodox, Baptist, Muslim, and a Catholic contingent that included four Catholic bishops–just posted an open letter that denies the validity of our deepest experiences of who we are.

None of these leaders in their faith communities would probably be willing to take any responsibility for sneering bullies seizing upon this as an excuse to assault or kill us, but there are those who will see this as a green light to go ahead with violence against us.

I spent most of the afternoon today with my transgender peers, my trans family, at an early Christmas party. People there hugged a lot. We  in the community where I live worry about each other.  Many of us have paid the price for coming out as who we are in our inmost selves with the loss of jobs and friends and families. Many of us are not welcome in the religious bodies we grew up in.

Most of the promotion of hatred of transgender people–and an implicit approval of violence against us–is coming from religious leaders with tens of millions of followers.

That doesn’t just terrify me.

It breaks my heart.

The image is by Samuel Moreland – This image is found on page 345 of Samuel Moreland’s “History of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piedmont” published in London in 1658.



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