1900 circa women Christmas shopping window

One of the misconceptions cisgender women seem to have about transgender women is that we understand guys.

We don’t. At least, I don’t.

Although I sometimes overheard conversations of a sort that women aren’t normally privy to–I was not in the least surprised by the attitudes of some males that resulted in the widespread, utterly appalling, inexcusable, and even criminal behavior that has led to the #metoo movement–the way men think always seemed alien to me. I never really quite got it.

It was always very difficult for me to fake masculine behavior, which is why, prior to my transition, I often got read as an effeminate gay male.

Last night I had a conversation with two trans women who had been successful in faking masculinity in quite macho careers.

We compared notes.

Both of them found transition more difficult than I did because I was already engaged in a number of pursuits more typical of women than men. At the same time, I avoided, as much as I could, masculine activities that most definitely do not appeal to me or that I even find repellent.

As a result, when I transitioned, my public behavior changed much less than theirs did because I was already halfway to simply acting spontaneously as myself.

Some years ago, I had a very feminine cisgender female co-worker who was over the moon about her upcoming wedding. She giggled and said, “I will never have to think about cars again!”

Secretly I was aching with envy!

Anyway, I am now a woman who needs to quite soon come up with a gift for a masculine friend. I know something about his interests, but I don’t know what he already has. I want to get him something he will really like. Honestly, I have no idea how to proceed.

Guys are so hard to shop for!




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